Denial of Military Veterans? : Your service deserves respect.

The VA has a number of programs providing financial, medical and other assistance to veterans.

  • Disability compensation
  • Burials and memorials
  • Education programs
  • Counseling
  • Housing and home loan guarantees
  • Job training
  • Small Businesses and business loans (Through Small Business Administration)
  • Veteran’s pension programs
  • Free or low-cost medical care through VA hospitals and medical facilities

Sometimes it feels like the VA doesn’t care. We can help to make it right.

You can challenge VA mistakes and use the system to turn it around in the right direction.

When the VA ignores medical evidence and recommendations, you can bring it to light.

When the VA does not respond to your statement that you have physical pain in your neck or back or leg, or that you have nerve damage, or PTSD, or any other ailment or injury connected to your service to our country, you have the

When the VA fails to tell you about your options, you can make it known.

When the VA leaves out the detail that they forgot to follow-up on medical advice from their own doctor or your doctor, and no follow-up examination is done, you can fix the situation in the right way.

When the VA relies on inadequate examinations and options from their own doctor, you can ask for a proper and thorough examination. The VA has the duty to live up to their standards and guidelines under the law.

When the VA comes to a conclusion without explaining why, you can ask for reconsideration. You deserve an answer that makes sense.

Feel free to contact me to talk about your options. 

In the Tampa Bay area, Manatee-Sarasota, Western and Central Florida, call 813-530-6141.

In the Orlando-Kissimmee area, Melbourne-Daytona Beach, and Stuart-Port St. Lucie regions, call 407-514-2663

In the Miami-Dade, Broward areas, West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, Naples-Fort Myers and Glades-Hendry regions, call (786) 786-1652

If you have any questions regarding Denial of Military Veterans then feel free to ask us.