When You Should File for Bankruptcy

Get a fresh start.  Get a solution to your problems.  Find relief in these difficult times.

Some of you may have too many credit cards and not enough cash.  Too many phone calls, day and night, asking for money you don’t have.

Others may be a few months behind on mortgage payments.  Foreclosure papers came a few weeks ago. You work hard and just need the bank to cooperate to make things right.

Or you missed a few car payments.  Worried about repossession.  You want to start a repayment plan and you’re ready to go. But they keep you on hold forever and don’t answer your calls.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can wipe out many forms of debt, including credit card debt, medical debt, and in some cases older federal income tax debt.  Repayment plans in Chapter 13 give you the opportunity to keep your home and your car.

Feel free to call. Let’s talk about your options. 

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